Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boyfriend material???

June 26th 2006

So you think you have what it takes? Minimum requirements are as follows.

1)Graduate degree or Rhode's scholar equivalent.
2)Off beat sense of humor
3)Interest in and extensive knowledge of art, music, literature, politics, and wine.
4)Good hygiene
5)Must love dogs and be ok sleeping with them
6)Must make as much money as I do or more (no freeloaders allowed)
7)No whiners or candy asses
8)30-45 years old
9)Must be tolerant of my phone always ringing and me always answering it.
10) Must love the ocean.
11)Must be creative & think outside the box
12) Must be a hopeless romantic
13) Must be social
14)Must love his mama but not be a mama's boy
15)Must be an avid reader (US Weekly and People do not count.)
16) Must have a naughty side..I love a little "thug" in my men.
17)Must be patient
18) Must be kind
19) Must be sexy
20)Must be 100% loyal.

Still think you have it??? I think I just narrowed it down to 5 guys on the planet. Where are they?

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