Tuesday, May 5, 2009


So I was at a club filled with sweaty young hipsters the other night and it prompted the question....Do these people bathe? I got mostly answers in the negative but then,Mike B. came in to enlighten me. According to Mike's amazing rationale there are 2 kinds of hipsters. The first being the "Real Hipsters" and they do not bathe. The second being the "Blow Dried Hipsters" who spend insane amounts of money to look like they don't bathe but in reality they shower daily. The things you learn at nightclubs..LMFAO



  1. HAHA. That's awesome Nikki.
    Some of them have found a way to trick you. I used to think that all hippies were smelly because they didn't change their clothes or bathe and sat around in hotbox rooms. Then someone told me about patchouli oil.
    rumor has it this stuff makes people smell bad and they put it on on purpose.

    pshft, hipsters and hippies/

  2. is that website not the best?!? ;p