Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Scum of the Earth....

So, I will start by saying I rarely pay attention to gossip blogs or their authors but today I was forced to take notice.
Perez Hilton finally said something that I can't seem to get over being irate about. I have a niece and nephew who grew up without a dad. My nephew was three when my brother died and I held him through the memorial service.

I held him while he screamed over and over "I want my daddy" he sobbed so hard his little body trembled in
my arms. I had to walk outside with him twice. This was March 17,1992 and I remember every painful second of that day like it was yesterday. The pain of the child in my arms was one of the most excruciating things I have ever witnessed. It made my own pain seem almost small in comparison. My eyes are blurred with tears now as I write recalling it.

Michael Jackson's children today are walking thru one of the most painful of life's experiences the loss of someone who gave them life. That loss is one of the most profound ones they will ever know and because they are so young they will bear the burden of that loss much longer than the rest of usually have to.

Most of us have had or will have our fathers live to see us graduate high school and college, get married,bear children of our own. These poor children, like my niece and nephew, will not have that blessing. They will grow up without their father's love,guidance,and support. They will grow up with the same hollow void that I have watched my niece and nephew grow up with.A void that can and will never be filled for them.

I cannot imagine if someone had referred to my nephew's display of grief and loss as a "show" what I may have done to that person. The punch in the eye Perez Hilton got recently I can assure you would pale in comparison. Paris Jackson wanted the world to know how much she loved her father and how wonderful he had been just as my nephew wanted the world to know he wanted his daddy back. They have a right to express their pain however they choose.

Michael's kids deserve empathy and our prayers. The road ahead of them is a long and painful one. As someone who has seen this first hand and spent most of my life trying to fill the space my brother left behind my prayers go out to his siblings. As someone who has watched her mother bury a son, I pray for his mother, Katherine.

Perez Hilton, you are quite possibly the poorest excuse for a gay man I have ever had the displeasure of encountering in all my life. You seem to have been born without the basic sensitivity your gay brothers and sisters all have. You have chosen to take a stab at the child of a man who fought tirelessly for your rights and fought on countless levels for AIDS causes worldwide. This, a disease that has taken the lives of some of the most incredible gay people the world has ever known.

Shame on you for being arrogant enough to think that you have the right to judge someone who's shoes you have never walked in. Shame on you for you lack of judgement and tact. Mostly shame on you for your failure today...not just your failure as a member of the media but for your failure as a human being.

I hope that the world and the celebrities who have given you their support in the past take notice of this. It is yet further proof or your lack of discretion. You will resort to attacking the innocent children of a celebrity if it suits you and you have shown over the years that no one exempt.

I am a very big supporter of the first amendment in fact it is my chosen field of practice for my law career. There is a basic law that all the world's most respected journalists adhere to. People like Edward R. Murrow, Mike Wallace etc. These "real' journalists know that sometimes just because you can say whatever you would like doesn't mean that you should!

This is his comment from twitter...
"Nooooo!!!!!!! Those kids should not be putting on a show right now. So wrong. They should not be speaking or on stage. So horrible."
It is on his page but I refuse to promote him by linking it.


  1. As a young woman who lost her father at age 6, I was outraged by Perez Hilton's comment. Even as a child, I was fully aware the day of my father's death would forever change my life, and the lives of my family. The hardest part looking back is knowing that most people around me didn't think I understood what change had just taken place.

    I knew he would not be there for my dance recitals, school plays, sporting events, to tuck me in at night, and I would never get one of his bedtime stories that he always created on the spot. I would never again see him relaxing on the couch after a long day with a beer in his hand watching the news. He wouldn't be able to share my achievements or wipe away my tears. He wouldn't be there when I learned to drive, had my first date, or graduate.

    Over the years, I have learned and grown from my experiences. As an adult I still carry the pain of not having him. He won't be able to give me away at my wedding, he will never get to even meet the man I fall in love with. My children will never know their grandfather.

    It took a lot of courage for Paris to speak in front of anyone, and yet she was brave enough to speak in front of thousands knowing that millions were watching. In those few words she told her father how she loved him, how much she respected and loved him. Most importantly, we got to see what an amazing father he was in that brief moment. Michael Jackson is someone who has been highly ridiculed, and often about children. That little girl had the strength to let the world know who he really was.

    Damn you Nikki, you have me crying! Your words are beautiful. Always have been. Thank you for writing such a wonderful piece about something so important not only to that little girl today, but for everyone that has lost someone the loved with all their heart. Love you.

  2. damn you back...now I am crying...love you!