Sunday, March 22, 2009

let it go
no more holding on
what will i let go of
the restraint
the object i should restrain myself from
he makes my mind melt
he makes my heart dance
he is my dream
but is he a man
he is a note
but is he a symphony
he is a kiss
but is he a romance
his fingers touch my skin
i am on fire
burning from within
dying to tell him to stop
living to have him touch me again
he found the sweetness
that is bitter in the end
will it all just fade away
he smiles sweetly
that razorblade smile
i beg to be cut
and bleed out lust
or maybe its love and
i lie to myself
maybe its a moment
let it pass
leave me burning
the pain reminds me
of music
that melody
his song
my song
the opus
of the soul
two dischordant notes
find harmony
in an ugly world
paint a masterpiece
change the course
of life
leave a mark
a ripple in the
that echos
through eternity
she is idealistic
he is realistic
opposites attract
and sometimes repel
will they
time will tell
its the start
shall we dance
or end before we begin
least resistance
or greatest
the choice is his
i can't bear to make
him leave...

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